Automatic pay station


Basic information

A small automatic pay station provides a simple solution to the collection of entry fees or fees for other chargeable services. The user-friendly setting allows the fee to be defined and paid either in coins or by a payment card. The device is equipped with a contactless card reader that allows the passage of employees and staff. The Euro Lock has also been installed in the devidce so it can be used by the disabled.

The pay station can accept up to 2 different currencies at the same time. The small automatic pay station offers a wide-range use, it can be installed in all types of buildings where an automatic collection of entry fees or fees for the use of services is required, e.g. at toilets, showers, turnstiles.

Optionally, the pay station can be extended by remote administration over the internet. The automatic pay station features a highly resistant and robus structure which prevents possible attempts to steal cash stored inside.

Technical specification

Material: polished stainless steel sheet of 1.5 mm thickness
Dimensions: 335 × 270 × 112 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Ingress Protection: IP 40
Power Supply: 12 V
Quiescent Power Consumption: 6 W
Maximum Power Consumption: 21 W
Operating Temperature: 0°C – +45°C
Accepted Coins: up to 16 denominations 1 Eur coin - up to 400 pcs


● easy to operate
● acceptance of payments in two currencies źcontactless terminal for payment cards
● reader of employee cards
● Euro Lock for the disabled
● remote administration
● light-signalling for the passage direction
● two options of installation - on the wall or into the wall źanti-vandal execution
● stainless steel material
● long lifespan

Optional accessories

● RFID reader of employee cards
● contactless terminal for payment cards
● Euro Lock for free entry of the disabled
● remote administration
● setting of the coin validator for other currencies źcoin validator