Charging station for electric vehicles

● Safe regulated battery charging
● Designed both for exterior and interior spaces
● Affordable price
● Dual-port charger
● Remote control
● Integrated with parking system 


Basic information

The charging station represents an ideal solution for safe charging of electric vehicles' batteries. The charging station can be fully integrated into the GREEN Center parking systems. The installation of a charging station extends the range of offered services and can significantly increase the car park attractiveness for the owners of electric vehicles.

The station is equipped with two sockets that allow simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles via alternating current. The amount of electricity consumption is monitored by an installed electricity meter that allows the amount of used electricity to be read. A parking ticket or a parking card can be used to activate the charging station sockets.

The charging station is equipped with sophisticated SW that provides a list of information on the charging station and is used for the charging station administration. Via the software, the device can be configured and the setting of both operating and service parameters can be modified. The charging station can also be controlled via remote control. The remote control allows the transferred data on the station operation, maintenance, present status, energy consumption and the station users to be displayed. The remote control can be used to control the station operation, to reset the device or to block it. On the basis of gathered data, analytical reports can be generated that can be used for further optimizing of offered services.

 Other parameters

Connector types: 400V MENNEKES
Material: aluminium alloy
Surface treatment: paint colours
Colour: green-grey (the design can be modified according to customers' requirements)
Dimensions: 480 × 290 × 1 479.5 mm
Weight: 62 kg
Ingress protection: IP44
Connection: three-phase
Distribution network: TN-C/TN-S
Charging output: 44 kW at max. (2 sockets with the output of 22 kW)
Operating temperature: -25°C – +40°C

Main advantages

● designed both for exterior and interior spaces
● easy to install
● highly resistant to adverse effects of external conditions (water, dust, etc.)
● resistance to vandalism
● long service life
● safe regulated charging of electric vehicles' batteries
● dual-port charger allowing simultaneous charging of up to two vehicles
● intuitive use
● continuous remote control and a possibility of remote administration
● analytical reports creation
● affordable price


● robust design of self-supporting aluminium structure
● two standardised charging sockets equipped with a plastic folding cover
● segments providing surge protection
● consumption measurement by an electricity meter individually for each socket
● small door for maintenance purposes equipped with a lock
● continuous LED lighting of the front panel
● indication of the status of individual charging sockets via tricolour LED arrows
● device control by a programmable control unit
● communication connection and data exchange between the charging station and the master system is carried out by the TCP/IP protocol and the Ethernet network
● information on the charging station available via the parking system server (collected operating data, energy consumption data, the charging station present status, the current use of individual sockets, access history, etc.)

 Charging process

1. The user is identified via placing an identification medium to the reader.
2. The user connects the charging cable to an accessible socket and the station starts the vehicle's battery charging.
3. The charging process status is signalled via a tricolour information arrow.
4. The charging can be terminated automatically or after the identification medium has been placed to the identification device.
5. After the charging has been terminated, the user disconnects the charging cable from the socket.
6. The charging station transfers data on the charging to the parking system. The parking system enters the price for the use of charging services to the card.
7. The user makes the payment for charging together with the payment of a parking fee in the automatic pay station or the manual pay station.


The charging station provides safe charging of electric vehicles' batteries. The charging station is designed for the use in both the exterior and interior spaces. The device can be installed at the following places:

● monitored indoor and outdoor car parks, garages and multi-storey car parks
● private and company car parks

Identification media

Authorization is carried out via short-term or long-term parking cards. The types of used parking cards can be the following:

● bar code paper tickets
● bar code paper cards
● RFID chip plastic contactless cards

Socket sections

The station is equipped with two standardised charging sockets:

ź2× 400V 32A (22kW) 7pin in compliance with IEC 62196-2 typ 2 (MENNEKES) – a three-phase socket of 400 V AC / 32 A with the maximum charging output of 22 kW for safe charging of european vehicle batteries.

Optional accessories

● omnidirectional multi beam bar code scanner
● contactless card scanner equipped with the RFID chip (125 kHz)