Payment kiosk


Basic information

The Payment Kiosk is a universal device that can be used for unattended collection of both cash and non-cash payments of fees as well as for the payment of financial compensations (e.g. for blood donation).

The fee collection function can be used e.g. for the collection of hospital, highway or entrance fees.

The design is based on the technology of the GP4M and GP4MC pay stations. Also current GP4M and GP4MC pay stations can be supplemented with the kiosk function.

The kiosk can be extended by a range of optional accessories.

Technical specification

Material GP4M: steel sheet of 2 mm thickness + fiberglass of 3,5 mm thickness, powder coated
Material GP4MC: steel zinc plated sheet of 1,5-2 mm thickness, powder coated
Dimensions GP4M / GP4MC: 976 × 583 × 1829 mm / 618 × 435 × 1758 mm
Weight GP4M / GP4MC: 135 kg / 75 kg
Ingress Protection: IP 54
Power consumption in idle state GP4M / GP4MC:
44 – 57 W (depending on equipment) /  40 – 60 W (depending on equipment)
Maximum power consumption GP4M / GP4MC:
1036 W (depending on equipment) / 700 W (depending on equipment)
Operating temperature: -25°C – +45°C
Display: 15,6"
Transaction capacity GP4M: up to 450 payments per 1 hour
Accepted banknotes GP4M: up to 64 denominations
Accepted coins GP4M: up to 16 denominations
Returned coins GP4M: up to 6 denominations


● multifunctional device
● automatic collection of financial amounts for the use of services
● an option of entirely autonomous operation (without the necessity to be connected to the server)
● an option of a remote control
● the API interface as standard
● simple and undemanding operation of the device
● both cash and non-cash payments supported
● keeping records of all payment transactions with a possibility of subsequent checks
● an option of two types of execution - stand-alone/built-in
● colour graphic display with help and further information for customers
● LED lighting of the front panel allowing trouble free use of the device even in adverse light conditions
● high mechanical resistance, the housing is secured by security electric locks
● the device is supplied in two basic colour designs

RAL 6029 - Mint Green and RAL 9006 - White Aluminium
RAL 2000 - Yellow Orange and RAL 9006 - White Aluminium


The Kiosk offers multiple solutions in a wide-range of different sectors.

● hospitals
● offices
● transport terminals (airports, railway stations, public transport terminals, etc.)
● petrol stations
● restaurants and takeaways
● commercial centres and shopping centres
● wellness centres and sports clubs (sports fields, aqua parks, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, etc.)
● historic sights and tourist attractions (cableways, museums, zoos and botanical gardens, etc.)
● accomodation and other types of buildings

Optional accessories

● self-locking coin cash box
● 2 high capacity coin dispensers
● banknote dispenser
● high capacity coin changer
● banknote changer
● terminal for accepting both contact and contactless pament cards
● reader of 1D and2D codes
● contactless card scanner
● button control of the graphic display with an option of touch control extension in GP4M payment kiosk (GP4MC with touch screen only)
● printer of entrance tickets
● intercom
● protective shelter roof
● custom-made colour adjusments
● IP camera