Pay station

● Automated collection of parking fees
● Easy and intuitive use
● Support of both cash and non-cash payments
● Recording of all payment transactions
● Protection against unauthorized access


Basic information

Automatic pay station is designed for unattended collection of both cash and non-cash payments of parking fees. The integration of modern functional design, quality materials, high level of security and modular functionality allows all customers comfortable use of both the automatic pay station and the whole parking system. The automatic pay station can be equipped with a range of optional accessories. Through the selection of suitable accessories, all required functions can be integrated.

Other parameters

Material:  steel metal sheet of the 2 mm thickness + fibreglass of the 3.5 mm thickness
Dimensions: 976 × 583 × 1829 mm
Weight: 135 kg
Ingress Protection: IP 54
Power consumption in the idle state: 44 – 57 W (depending on the type of equipment)
Maximum power consumption: 1036 W (800 W heating + 200 to 236 W depending on the type of equipment)
Working temperature: -25°C – +45°C
Transaction capacity: up to 450 payments per 1 hour
Accepted banknotes: up to 64 denominations
Accepted coins: up to 16 denominations
Returned coins: up to 6 denominations

Main advantages

● a possibility to make both cash and non-cash payments for parking services
● high speed of payment operations
● recording of all payment transactions with a possibility of subsequent check
● modification of the automatic pay station setting via remote administration
● easy and undemanding to operate
● safety measures ensuring a high level of security against unauthorized access
● front panel LED lighting allowing the device to be used also in adverse light conditions
● high mechanical resistance
● intuitive and easy to use due to an illustrative video guide
● information on the display in several languages
● fully adaptable appearance of the displayed graphical user interface
● a possibility to display advertisements on the graphic display
● optional issue of a receipt/ tax document
● lost parking card – the creation of a replacement bar code parking ticket after a defined financial amount has been paid


● automated collection of fees for the use of parking services
● recharging or validity extension of long-term parking cards for prepaid card holders or residents
● automatic specification of the required fee amount according to a defined tariff
● operation controlled by a microprocessor unit
● heating unit with automatic thermostatic regulation to maintain optimum working temperature inside of the case
● robust construction
● securing the case with safety electric locks
● colour graphic display with help and other information for customers
● backlit display making the shown information easy to read
● printer using direct thermal print for receipt printing
● button control of the automatic pay station
● coin slot equipped with electromagnetically controlled metal shutter
● coin validator, banknote validator
● modern functional design

Payment process

1. The car park customer places the parking card, that he or she has received at the entry terminal upon the entry to the car park, to the automatic pay station bar code scanner.
2. On the basis of a set tariff, the automatic pay station calculates the parking fee and passes this information to the customer via the graphic display.
3. For the used services, the customer makes the relevant cash payment (coins, banknotes) or non-cash payment (by a contact or contactless card). Then, a receipt can be issued.
4. After the payment has been made, the car park can be left within a set time frame. If the customer does not leave the car park within the set time frame, he or she has to make an additional payment of a relevant amount in the way described above.

Payment options

The automatic pay station supports both cash and non-cash payments. When making a payment for parking, the customer can choose out of a wide variety of payment options. The automatic pay station accepts the following payment instruments:

● coins of different denominations
● banknotes of different denominations
● contact payment cards
● contactless payment cards
● prepaid value cards
● discount vouchers

For non-cash payments, different payment cards can be used. The automatic pay station allows the integration of further types of cards for parking fee payments (city cards, chip cards, digital wallets). Any overpayments are returned to the customer in the following possible forms:

● coins
● banknotes
● value cards (in case of a higher financial value of an overpayment or the payment cancellation or lack of cash in the automatic pay station).

Optional accessories

● self-locking coin cash box
● at max. 2 additional coin hoppers with 1 denomination (capacity: up to 2 500 pcs of coins in each hopper)
● banknote dispenser with 2 denominations (capacity: up to 1 700 pcs of banknotes of the first denomination, 1 000 pcs of banknotes of the second denomination)
● banknote recycler allowing the return of banknotes and, at the same time, the refill by accepted banknotes
● contact or contactless payment cards reader
● omni-directional bar code reader
● contactless card scanner
● magnetic card reader
● touch screen colour graphic display
● IP camera
● advertising display
● intercom (communication device) etc