Automatic Pay Station

● Automatic parking fee collection
● Compact design 
● Affordable financial requirements
● High security level


Basic information

The GP4MS automatic pay station is designed for unattended collection of parking fees within the smart parking system - GP4P.

The GP4MS device represents a more space saving and more economical alternative to the GP4M automatic pay station that is used within the GP4P parking system as standard. However, if compared to the standard solution, the GP4MS automatic pay station offers only limited options of payment. It also cannot be extended modularly as easily as the GP4M automatic pay station.

The structural design and used materials provide the automatic pay station with a high level or protection against access of unauthorized personnel. The automatic pay station can be attached either to a vertical wall or to firm ground while a base has to be used..

Other parameters

Material: steel metal sheet of the 2 mm thickness
Dimensions: 480 × 412 × 793 mm (without the pedestal)
Weight: 62 kg
Ingress Protection: IP 54
Maximum power consumption: 550 W (150 W power supply + 400 W heating)
Working temperature: -25 °C to +45 °C
Accepted banknotes: up to 8 denominations
Accepted coins: up to 16 denominations
Returned coins: up to 6 denominations

Main advantages

● fully automated payment system
● selection of tariffs
● support of both cash (made by coins and banknotes) and partially also of non-cash payments (made by contactless cards)
● intuitive and easy to use due to a graphic display showing the relevant information
● information displayed in several languages
● optional issue of a receipt/ tax document
●providing the staff with information on the necessity to intervene (lack of coins in the coin validator, overfilling of cash boxes, error messages, etc.) via the switching of the relay output on (with a possibility of further connection, e.g. to a modem)
● lost parking card – the creation of a replacement bar code parking ticket after a defined financial amount has been paid


● automated collection of fees for the use of parking services
● control via push button switches
● colour graphic display for the depiction of important and relevant information
● backlit display making the shown information easy to read even in adverse light conditions
● printer using direct thermal print for the printing of exit parking tickets and receipts
● wall or base mount
● modern functional design
● easy to operate
● printing of information on sales figures and the device handling

Payment options

The automatic pay station supports cash payments and is compatible with non-cash payment systems. When making a payment for parking, the customer can use a wide variety of payment options. The automatic pay station accepts the following payment instruments:

● coins of different denominations
● banknotes of different denominations
● contactless payment cards

Any overpayments are returned to the customer. The overpayments can be returned by the automatic pay station in the following possible forms:

● coins (the version of the automatic pay station equipped with a coin validator)
● banknotes (the version of the automatic pay station equipped with a banknote changer).

Payment process

1. The car park customer places the bar code entry parking ticket to the reader located in the automatic pay station
2. The automatic pay station processes the bar code information and, in compliance with a set tariff, it calculates the total amount of parking fee
3. The customer receives information about the required amount via the graphic display
4. For the used services, the customer makes a relevant cash payment (coins, banknotes) or a non-cash payment (by a contactless card)
5. The receipt and bar code exit parking ticket are subsequently issued by the automatic pay station. The exit parking ticket authorizes the driver to leave the car park

Versions of the automatic pay station

The automatic pay station can be supplied in different versions. Individual versions vary by supported payment options and installed components:

1. equipped with a coin changer and a banknote reader
2. equipped with a banknote recycler

Optional accessories

● terminal designed for the use of contactless payment cards
● omni-directional bar code reader
● contactless card scanner
● intercom (a communication device)
● The built-in industrial computer equipped with an installed data server for the control of a simple parking system (the control of up to 2 automatic pay stations, 2 entry terminals and 2 exit terminals)
● pedestal of different sizes (550 mm for the payment made at the exit point, 700 mm for disabled persons, 900 mm for common use)