Automatic Road Barrier

● Control of vehicle entries and exits
● Long service life of barrier mechanism
● High resistance against damage
● Easy maintenance and installation
● Quiet and smooth operation


Basic information

The automatic road barrier is designed for the control of entries and exits of vehicles to/from car parks and roads. The arm movement is ensured by a three-phase electric motor controlled by a frequency changer. The smooth operation of the barrier arm without vibration and bounce in the end positions is allowed by frequency regulation. The elimination of the barrier arm bouncing can significantly increase the barrier mechanism service life. Due to the top-quality manufacturing and compact construction solution, the barrier is predetermined for the traffic control in areas with extremely demanding use. The barrier can operate independently as an autonomous parking device, however, it usually constitutes an integral part of the GREEN Center parking and access systems.

Other parameters

Material: steel metal sheet of the 2.5 mm thickness
Dimensions: 350 × 300 × 1 085 mm (without the arm)
Weight: 72 kg
Arm length: 1 – 6 m
Time of movement: 1 – 5 s (depending on the arm length and the speed module type)
Ingress protection rate: IP 54
Distribution network: TN-S (three-conductor line L, N, PE)
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption in the idle state: 5.2 W
Maximum power consumption motor: 250 W (electrical spike 5 A)
Working temperature: -25 °C to +45 °C

Main advantages

● long service life of the barrier mechanism
● quiet operation
● smooth operation of the barrier arm without vibration and bounce in the end positions
● adjustable limit of the open barrier closing time
● high reliability
● easy installation and maintenance
● high resistance to adverse external conditions (water, dust, etc.)
● mechanical design resistant to physical damage


● control of the passage of vehicles
● robust steel construction
● top-quality technical execution
● arm movement ensured by a three-phase electric motor controlled by a frequency changer
● motor and gearbox in a compact execution
● variable speed of the barrier arm operation
● high-visibility arm surface
● operation controlled by a microprocessor unit


The use of automatic road barrier is highly variable. The barrier is suitable for all types of installations from less frequented roads to large car parks with intensive traffic. The barrier can be effectively used at the following places:

● public car parks
● multi-storey car parks
● high capacity garages
● company parking systems
● residential houses
● application for the toll collection at highway installations, bridge installations and other places,
● driveways
● roads and many other places.

Surface treatment

Steel housing is zinc coated and this provides it with long- term anti-corrosion resistance. The surface of the device is treated using polyester powder coating. The barrier standard powder paints are the following of the RAL colour chart:

● RAL 6029 – Mint green
● RAL 9006 – White aluminium
● RAL 2000 – Yellow-orange.

Barrier versions

standard barrier execution with the arm of up to 5 m length, without an installed speed module, with the time of movement of 3 s
above standard barrier execution with the arm of up to 3 m length, with an installed speed module, with an adjustable time of movement from 1 s, with an installed additional heating
above standard barrier execution with the arm of up to 6 m length, with an installed speed reduction module, with the time of movement of 5 s

Optional accessories

A range of accessories can be connected to the barrier control unit via external outputs:

● two-chamber semaphore (red and green LED lights)
● warning beacon, etc.

or external inputs:
● dual channel external detector for detecting the presence of vehicles
● safety photocell ensuring the protection of people and vehicles under the barrier arm
● external control (Up/Down, Step by Step, Stop)
● remote control
● button
● card scanner
● LED information display
● other access components with a voltage free contact

Automatic road barrier can be further supplemented with the following optional accessories:
● anchor set
● barrier arms of rectangular or round profiles produced in different lengths
● barrier arm equipped with a swing-off mechanism
● knuckle mechanism
● protective foam bar
● arm LED lighting
● barrier skirt (aluminium)
● fixed support of barrier arm
● speed module
● additional heating, etc.