Automatic pay station

● Automated collection of parking fees
● High mechanical resistance
● Long service life of the system
● Low financial requirements
● Autonomous operation


Basic information

The GPE4P Economy parking system of a new generation represents an economically advantageous solution of the car park traffic management with minimum requirements for employees. The system provides automated collection of parking fees, high security and control over the car park. The system features and functions are suitable mainly for car parks of smaller sizes or for more simple projects with limited budgets.

The parking system consists of free standing components that are controlled independently via their own microprocessor units. In this way, the system operation is entirely autonomous and does not require any connection to a master PC or server. The autonomous solution guarantees fast installation, uncomplicated activation and high security of the parking system operation.

Other parameters

Operating mode: off-line
Distribution network: TN-S (three-conductor line L, N, PE)
Power supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Working temperature: -25°C – +45°C


● automated collection of parking fees with minimum requirements for staff
● monitoring of vehicles within a defined area
● parking control
● reliable operation
● easy and fast to install
● operation of individual components controlled by their microprocessor units
● high resistance to adverse external conditions (water, dust, etc
● high quality construction materials
● robust design
● attractive innovated design

Parking media

As parking media, parking cards are used. They transfer information between individual sections of the parking system. Parking cards can be based on different types of identification:

● a bar code paper ticket for short-term parking
● an RFID proximity card

Parking process

1. Upon the vehicle's arrival, the entry terminal issues a parking ticket for the driver. The parking ticket is used for the recording of the time of arrival at the car park. As an alternative, a contactless plastic parking card can be used for the entry (and also for the exit).
2. The payment for parking is made in the automatic pay station or the manual pay station. Here, on the basis of information recorded on the parking ticket, the whole time of parking will be ascertained and, in compliance with the set tariff, the amount of parking fee will be specified.
3. After the relevant amount has been paid, the exit parking ticket is issued. This ticket authorizes the customer to leave the car park.
4. The driver places the exit parking ticket to the exit terminal scanner. Then, a signal is sent to the barrier to open the barrier arm and the driver can leave the car park.


The parking system is designed mainly for areas reserved for parking and for closed parking areas. This system is primarily suitable for lower capacity car parks with one or more entries and one exit. The parking system can be used both for private and public car parks and at any place where the implementation of automated collection of parking fees is effective. The system can be installed e.g. at the following places:

● public car parks of smaller sizes
● supermarkets, źsports centres
● historic sights and tourist attractions
● cultural institutions and many other places

Main advantages

● low financial requirements (low purchase price, low operating costs)
● entirely autonomous operation
● security measures ensuring high level of protection against vandalism and unauthorized access
● selection of tariffs
● intuitive and very easy to use
● notification to the staff of the necessity to intervene
● easy and undemanding to maintain
● overall processing quality providing a guarantee of the system long service life
● high mechanical durability of the used materials

Basic components

● GPB – automatic road barrier
● GPE4M – automatic pay station
● GPE4T – entry and exit terminal

Optional accessories

● GP Economy manual pay station
● notification to the staff of the necessity to intervene sent via e-mail or a text message
● display presenting information on the car park occupancy
● intercom (a communication system for drivers and the car park employees)

Surface treatment

Steel cabinets are zinc coated and this provides them with long-term anti-corrosion resistance. The surface of the device is treated using polyester powder coating. The standard powder paints used for the components are the following RAL colours:

● RAL 6029 – Mint green (design elements)
● RAL 9006 – White aluminium (cabinets)