System of the car park network central monitoring, administration and service

● Parking Monitoring Center allows clients to monitor and supervise numerous car parks from one place, from anywhere via a web browser, while allowing each car park to operate independently.


Basic information

● cloud solution for remote management of multiple car parks
● individual devices communicate with the main server to which users connect via a common web browser
● substitution of on-premise programs


Easy and secure interconnection of car parks and the monitoring centre
● static IP addresses are not required
● secure encrypted connection
● all you need is just a simple internet connection
● access through browser from anywhere
● the car park operates autonomously, the PMC is just a superstructure

audio visual communication with car parks
● via intercoms at entries, exits and pay stations
● via security cameras


Occupancy information
● current status at all car parks
● status of individual zones

Recording of all events at car parks
● passages of vehicles
● payments
● issue of receipts
● cash withdrawal from pay stations
● opening of barriers
● errors, etc.

Remote control of entries, exits and pay stations
● mobile operator service app (for android)

Administration of long term and short term cards
● issue of cards
● change of the card validity period
● bulk operations with the card list
● global anti-passback

Manual payment
● cash register
● product management


Integration of mobile applications possible